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Bomber hats have always reminded me of happy times of the winter in Minnesota with my dad.  He had a bomber hat that he wore throughout my entire childhood.  I remember him getting ready to go outside and blow the snow with his bomber hat and giant snowboots.  I even remember the smell when he came inside, a fresh cool scent of melting snow.  I still love the snow because of these memories of the long winters in Minnesota with my family.


My dad outside blowing snow with my youngest brother, Mason.


I have had the pattern for this bomber hat in my head for quite a while before I decided to make it. I knew once I started that I had to make sure I got it right, not only because it was such a sentimental design to me but because I wanted to make it simple enough for others to make as well.

I knew I wanted to use two very different kinds of yarn with extremely different gauges so there was a lot of trial and error to get things right.  Initially I was going to use a furry or fluffy yarn for the lining but chose the yarn I did because I decided the stitch definition is part of what makes it so unique.


The yarn that I used for the outer layer of this hat is some of my very favorite yarn from We Love Knitting.  This yarn shop has occasional updates where you can get the yarn but if you don’t want to wait any fingering weight yarn in your favorite color will do.

The yarn for the lining is Deborah Norville Serenity Active and is actually one of my favorite super bulky yarns.  I have used it in many other patterns and really like how it holds up.  Any super bulky yarn will work but be sure to order 3 balls, you will need more than you think because the lining is knit so densely.  Linked {here}.

This pattern is worked quite simply as long as you make sure you follow the gauge and measurements carefully.  This pattern uses quite a few short rows to shape the head.  If you are new to this technique, I found a nice tutorial to follow along {here}.

The hardest part of this pattern is actually sewing the outer piece and the liner together.  Don’t let this scare you too much though, if you do this slowly you won’t run into any problems.  I have posted the pattern below.

CLICK HERE to Download

I hope that you all enjoy this pattern and find it as special as I do.  This hat is such a lovely addition to any winter wardrobe and I know I will wear mine for many years to come and smile each time.

Let me know if you have any questions or need any help.

With Love, Kaitlin


In loving memory of my father, 4.4.16.

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  1. The bomber hat is great, and I know Vegas will want to make this. But I loved the pictures of your Dad! Wasn’t expecting those two pictures and what a beautiful surprise to see.

  2. I love you Kaitlin. The bomber hat is wonderful. I also see the Golden Harvest jacket on your dad. Oh, how we loved him.

  3. I grew up I Minnesota and I can’t wait to make this awesome hat for next winter. love the pictures and I’m sorry for your loss

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