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Putting my small items in pouches always makes me feel more organized and keeps my dogs from getting into anything I have out!   I use little zippered bags for different knitting projects, chargers when traveling, makeup bags, and so much more.  I’ve actually been running low on zipper pouches lately so I decided to make some of my own and share them with you!

Making these zippered bags is very easy and can be done quickly once you have the technique down!  The technique I’m using is one that I have combined from a few different popular patterns to make a simple bag that can stand up on its own without much bulk.

You will need to find a fabric that you would like to use for the outside, and a fabric to use for the inside lining.  I used some cotton fabrics that I found at Joann fabrics, any cotton quilting fabric will work perfectly.  You may use a thicker burlap or upholstery fabric if you want a more durable bag.  Another thing that you may add is some fusible fleece to give the bag more structure and interior protection.  Depending on what you use your bags for you may or may not want to add this.  If you do, fuse the fleece to your outer fabric before sewing.

For the zipper, use a nylon coil zipper of any size.  I used a 9″ zipper but any size will work.  You may cut the zipper down or change the bag dimensions to whatever you may need.  I have linked the best deal on nylon zippers below in 9″ and 16″.  If you plan on making even just a couple of these bags its actually a better deal to buy the zippers in bulk!


To begin, you will need to cut your fabric.  In both the lining color and outside color, you will need to cut a rectangle 9.5″ x 12.5″.  You will also need to cut a short strip of the outside color 2″ wide to use for a zipper stop.   Fold the two rectangles in half and cut a 1.5″ x 1″ rectangle out of the bottom (folded edge) corner pieces as shown below.



If your outer fabric has a distinct top and bottom to it (like this ballerina fabric), you will need to instead cut two 9.5″ x 6.5″ rectangles and sew them together at the bottom edge using a ¼” seam allowance.  Once you do this, you may precede through the rest of the directions as though it is one piece of fabric.



For the 2″ strip that you cut, you will need to press that once in half length-wise, and then press each fold into itself just as if you were making bias tape.



Cut the pressed strip about as long as the width of the zipper.  Also trim the ends of the zipper just up to the metal or to your desired length.



Pin the fabric around the end of the zipper through the folds as shown below.



Sew fabric down onto zipper as shown with black line in the image below.  You may need to hand-crank your sewing machine over the zipper itself.



Repeat on the opposite end of the zipper to make two zipper stops.



Next, take the outer fabric and lay it right-side up, lay the zipper piece on top right-side down.



Lay the lining piece on top of the zipper right-side down as though to sandwich the zipper between the two body pieces of fabric.  Pin and sew these three pieces together using a zipper foot as shown with the black line below.



Repeat the above steps for the opposite side of the zipper.  The two images below will help if this is a bit confusing.





Once you have both sides of the zipper attached to the fabric you will need to press the fabric open and topstitch along either side as shown in the image below.  Because we are making this pouch using one piece of each fabric color, you will have to carefully stitch inside the pieces.  This is easier than it looks just be careful not to catch any fabric not meant to be sewed.



After you have topstitched the zipper in place, the end is near!  With the zipper open, fold the bag open as shown below.  Match up the right sides of the zipper and pin in place (second image below).  This is perhaps the most important part to make your bag look neat.  Pin and sew the edges, leaving a small opening in the lining on one side of the edge as marked in black.







For each corner, you will need to fold them open and sew along the perpendicular edge as marked in black.





Finally, turn the bag right-side out through the hole left open in the lining.  Pin this opening closed and stitch close to the edge to seal the lining.



Press the bag to make it look polished and then you are finished!



I hope that this tutorial was helpful in teaching you how to make your own zippered pouches.  I was testing something new so let me know if you prefer tutorials be shown this way (photos) or through my normal diagrams!  As always, let me know if you have any questions.  I am always happy to help!

With Love, Kaitlin

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  1. Beautiful Pouch. I love how that the top stitch is not so close to the zipper teeth as many diy pouch are done. it does have a nice finished look. I also love the choice of fabric used. Really nice. Will be making a pouch like this especially to try the top-stitching. Thanks for sharing.

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