Granny Stitch Infinity Scarf & Cowl Crochet Pattern

Introducing: the Granny Stitch Infinity Scarf – an easy double-wrap infinity scarf or single wrap cowl crocheted using the iconic granny stitch

This two-for-one infinity scarf and cowl crochet pattern is the perfect modern design to showcase the iconic granny stitch.

Crochet this pattern as a single wrap cowl or a double wrap infinity scarf, in one color or many to create a unique and timeless winter accessory.

This scarf is designed using the luxurious Originally Lovely Cria yarn.

Granny Stitch Infinity Scarf close up photograph detailing a multicolored version of this crochet pattern.

The Granny Stitch Infinity Scarf is available below as a free pattern and as a printable PDF on Ravelry and Etsy.

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The Granny Stitch Cowl Design

I am absolutely in love with all things Granny Stitch and Granny Squares. This stitch has been around forever and can be used in so many fun ways!

Crocheted into stripes like this scarf or in the Maria Top Pattern, granny stitch has an interesting multicolored appearance. Meanwhile, a solid color like the cowl version below has a dramatically different look with a simple texture. My personal favorite — worked into squares like in my Granny Square Cardigan, it has a nostalgic 70s vibe.

Granny Stitch Cowl pattern shown as a closeup, detail image of the single wrap cowl version shown in a solid color.  The color shown is Lipstick in the yarn Cria from Originally Lovely Yarn.

I knew when I started making this design that I wanted it to be a double wrapped, infinity scarf. After making the first sample I realized that it could also be made into a single wrap, cowl design (like the solid colored sample shown above in Lipstick).

This two-for-one pattern is perfect easy to remember crochet project that can be worked again and again!

What Make Granny Stitch So Special

Granny stitch has been around forever, and for a good reason! It’s simple to crochet and the design possibilities are endless. Using different colors and styles can create a dramatically different look.

One of my favorite aspects of this stitch is that you are actually crocheting into gap spaces, not stitches themselves. This means it’s an ideal stitch to work while you are watching a movie or in lower lighting since you don’t have to search for the next stitch!

I’m not certain but I’m guessing this is why it’s called granny stitch — the perfect, portable stitch that you can pick up or put down at a moments notice, all while managing a busy household!

Work in progress image of the granny stitch being crocheted into the Granny Stitch Infinity Scarf.  Image shows the double wrap infinity scarf version of the pattern in four different colors for a vintage crochet look.

Yarn and Materials

The yarn that I chose for these mittens is Cria from my own yarn line, Originally Lovely Yarn. This is a luxurious worsted weight yarn made of 100% Baby Alpaca.

I chose this yarn because it has a lustrous silk-like drape and a perfect lightweight warmth due to the hollow baby alpaca fibers. It comes in a wide range of colors, perfect to mix and match for a unique striped look!

Originally Lovely Yarn


Cria is a lovely worsted weight yarn made out of 100% Baby Alpaca, a special fiber with luxurious properties!

As mentioned before, the baby alpaca fibers in this yarn are hollow. This makes for a very warm fabric because the fibers act as a double-walled insulation. Since Granny Stitch does have some larger holes in it, this yarn counteracts these holes to create a warm scarf!

If using Cria, you will need 4 balls of yarn for the smaller cowl version and 8 balls for the larger infinity scarf version. For a multicolored scarf, this works best with 4 colors; 1 ball each for the small version and 2 balls each for the large version!

If substituting for a different yarn, you may be able to use a DK weight. As always just be sure to gauge swatch to assure the correct size!

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Granny Stitch Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern


This pattern and photographs of this garment are property of Kaitlin Barthold of Originally Lovely. This pattern, photos, and design are subject to copyright and are for personal use only. All commercial use is strictly prohibited. You may not reproduce or distribute this pattern under any circumstances.

The free version of this pattern must be viewed from the webpage.

To purchase an ad-free, printable PDF of the Granny Stitch Cowl crochet pattern on Ravelry, CLICK HERE

To purchase an ad-free, printable PDF of the Granny Stitch Cowl on Etsy, CLICK HERE

Multicolored version of the Granny Stitch Infinity Scarf wrapped twice around a girl's neck.  Girl is wearing a denim shirt and standing in front of a building covered in fall toned leaves.

Skill Level

Beginner +

This is a beginner + level crochet pattern. You need to know how to chain stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and feel comfortable reading crochet patterns.


For the cowl version:
For the double wrap infinity scarf version:
  • 8 balls (800 meters/872 yards) Originally Lovely CRIA yarn (shown in two balls of each: Lipstick, Vino, Marigold, and Ecru) or other worsted weight yarn to meet gauge
Woman wearing the double wrapped, infinity scarf version of this granny stitch pattern.  Woman is pulling up the top of the infinity scarf to showcase its drape and width.


  • Although this pattern is worked in-the-round, you will turn your work at the end of each row to avoid twisting. 
  • The chain at the end of each round will count as the first st of the next round. 
  • For the multicolored version, you may carry the yarn alongside the back of the work by securing the other colors in place with the ch in the new color.  This will be easier but will lead to a more obvious ‘seam’ within your work.  If a more seamless transition is desired, you may cut your yarn leaving a tail to weave in after each color change.
  • If working a multicolored version, you will join each new color by working the final slst with the next color. If working a solid version, disregard the color changes and continue working in single color.

Finished Dimensions

This pattern is written in two sizes: a Cowl to be wrapped around your neck once, and a longer Infinity Scarf to be wrapped around your neck twice.

Cowl (single wrap)Infinity Scarf (double wrap)
Finished Width15 inches10 inches
Finished Circumference27 inches60 inches

Pattern is written for smallest size with changes for larger sizes in parenthesis. When only one number is given, it applies to all sizes. To keep track of your size, you may highlight or circle all numbers for your chosen size before you begin.

Granny Stitch Infinity scarf wrapped only once around a woman's neck so that it lays covering most of her torso.  Photo showcases the drape. length of scarf, and a different way to wear the scarf.


This cowl is designed in only two sizes but can easily be modified to create a cowl that is any width and length.  This is especially helpful if using a different gauge, different yarn, or to create a more custom size.

To modify this pattern, you will need to plan your stitch count in a multiple of 3+1 stitches

For example, if your gauge is 21 stitches per 4 inches and you wanted to modify this scarf to be around 64 inches long, your foundation chain would be 337.  

Be sure to note that you will use more or less yarn depending on your modifications.


15 stitches and 12 rows = 4″ in Granny Stitch

Work in progress image of the granny stitch infinity scarf laying atop a grey marble table.  Scarf shown is worked in 4 colors of Cria Yarn.


This pattern is written using U.S. English Terminology

Ch = chain

DC = double crochet

HDC = half double crochet

Rd = round

Rep = repeat

SC = single crochet

Sk = skip the next stitch

Slst = slipped stitch

Sp = space

St = stitch

Sts = stitches

Granny Stitch Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

With Color A, ch 103 (226). 

Row 1:  Working into the bar behind the 2nd ch from hook, HDC.  HDC across into the bar behind each ch st across.  [102 (225) sts].

Careful not to twist your work, switch to Color B and slst with first HDC worked to join in the round.  Ch3 & turn. 

Portrait image of the infinity scarf shown on a woman. Scarf is wrapped twice around her neck and made in four colors.  Woman looks to the side of the frame.

Round 2:  2DC in 1st st (same st that you slst into), *sk 2, 3DC in next st.  Rep from * to last 2 sts, sk last 2, switch to Color C and slst with 3rd ch of turning ch3 to join.  Ch3 & turn.  [102 (225) sts, 34 (75) granny st clusters].

3:  2DC into gap sp below turning ch, 3DC in each gap sp to end of round.  Switch to Color D and slst with 3rd ch of turning ch to join.  Ch3 & turn.

Repeat round 3, switching colors at the end of each round, until cowl measures just nearly 10 (15)” wide.  On the final rep of rd 3, ch1 & turn. 

Border Round 1:  SC in each st around, slst to join, ch1 & turn.

Final Round:  SC around again, crocheting into the same st worked in the round before.  Slst to join.  Cut yarn leaving a tail to weave in and pull through to secure.  Weave in ends to finish. 

Work in progress image showing the infinity scarf highlighted in the sun with the four colors of yarn behind it.


Weave in all ends to secure.

Block by gently soaking in lukewarm water and lay flat to dry.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this crochet pattern and love your new infinity scarf!

Woman wearing the multicolored infinity scarf while looking at the camera and smiling.
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