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Colder weather means more time indoors staying warm and comfortable!  I’ve been getting things ready for the change of seasons for a few weeks now and wanted to share a super easy tutorial to make flannel pillow covers.  These pillow covers are inspired by a classic plaid scarf and the fringe on the edge makes it seems almost like a scarf was simply wrapped around the pillow.  The wooden buttons give the pillow that rustic, warm feel perfect for fall and winter.

To begin, you will need 18″ square throw pillows, ½ yard flannel in whatever colors you like, and wooden buttons.  You can actually use any size but I chose this because it worked perfectly with the length of the fabric.

If you want to mix your flannels like I did, it is best to stick with either one color scheme or one size of the plaid.  Meaning if you want to use many colors, choose plaids that all have a bigger print to keep things from being too busy.  If you want to keep it all one color scheme but different plaids, that will look great as well with prints of all size.  I have linked two examples of plaid combinations in the images below.


Mixing colors (large print):

Mixing print size (red, black, white color scheme):

Pillow Forms:

Follow the diagram below to cut and assemble your pillow covers.  Keep in mind that your plaid may have been stretched when it was on the bolt and the lines might not be completely square.  Follow the lines on the plaid to stay straight.  If things end up being crooked you can always iron straight or they will quickly straighten out with use.  

I hope you enjoy your cozy new pillow covers!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

With Love, Kaitlin

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