12 Christmas Patterns You Need to Try!

Christmas is such a fun time for crafting and sharing handmade love.  This year, I’ve been lucky enough to participate in an amazing campaign with Lion Brand Yarn showcasing 12 wonderful knitting and crochet patterns!  These patterns are all available as kits on their website.  Below, I have shared each pattern along with links to the kits.  Enjoy!


Christmas Tree Sweater by Originally Lovely (knitting)

Christmas Tree Sweater knitting pattern by Originally Lovely

Designing this sweater was so fun.  I wanted to make a sweater that would be a wonderful Christmas present and could also be worn throughout the year.


Maera Sweater by Hopeful Honey (crochet)

Maera Sweater crochet kit by Hopeful Honey

This is such a beautiful, classic cabled sweater.  I’ve always wanted a sweater like this so I’m sure anyone on your list would love it as well!


Cedar Hill Scarf by Two of Wands (knitting)

Cedar Hill Scarf knit kit by Two of Wands

Alexandra has such a way of designing simple pieces that are so stylish.  I think this scarf is awesome because it could also work for men!


Merlot Alpaca Wrap by Mama in a Stitch (knit)

Merlot Alpaca Wrap knit kit by Mama in a Stitch

This is a lovely wrap that can be worn in about a million different ways.  It is available in some beautiful fall shades as well!


Summit Men’s Sweater Vest by A Crocheted Simplicity (crochet)

Summit Mens Sweater Vest crochet kit by A Crocheted Simplicity

This is one of those patterns that makes me wish I crocheted more!  Also, how beautiful is that scenery?!


Aurora Shrug by Designs by Phanessa (crochet)

Aurora Shrug crochet kit by Designs by Phanessa

The detail on this shrug is stunning! Anyone would be so lucky to open this on Christmas morning!


Simple Chunky Ribbed Blanket by All About Ami (knit)

Simple Chunky Ribbed Blanket knit kit by All About Ami

This blanket is so lovely!  Imagine cuddling up with this on a cold winter day.  I’ve had too many people say they wanted this for Christmas… I might be making a few of these!


Luna Chevron Scarf by Rescued Paw Designs (crochet)

Luna Chevron Scarf crochet kit by Rescued Paw Designs

Such beautiful detailing on a simple scarf.  I love the chevron look with crochet.  Its such a stylish detail that anyone would love!


Dottie Infinity Scarf by The Hook Nook (crochet)

Dottie Infinity Scarf crochet kit by The Hook Nook

This scarf is so stunning and made with amazingly soft yarn.  I think I need to make one for myself!


Farmhouse Stocking by Sewrella (crochet)

Farmhouse Stocking crochet kit by Sewrella

Unbelievably cool.  Handmade stockings are so wonderful.  We all have stories about who made them, why, and they bring so much joy each Christmas!  This stocking would be a beautiful decor piece and an heirloom for years to come.


Slouchy Santa Hat by Gorilla Knits (knit)

Slouchy Santa Hat knit kit by Gorilla Knits

We all need this hat!  And how cute is that picture.  This hat is an easy pattern so even beginners can make it!


Baby Penguin by 1 Dog Woof (crochet)

Baby Penguin crochet kit by 1 Dog Woof

I love handmade stuffed animals!  This might be the cutest penguin I’ve ever seen.  I think we all know a little one who would love this guy!

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