12 Weeks of Christmas 2019

Hello!  Can you believe it’s fall?  Summer flew by before I really even knew it was here.  I am looking forward to begin working on cold weather projects.  Knitting is such a cozy activity!

The change of seasons means the holidays are right around the corner.  I don’t mean to scare anyone when I say this, but it’s time to start planning holiday knits!  Generally I wait until the last minute to try and make gifts and then I end up having to give them the following Christmas… Does this happen to anyone else? Haha!

Last week you may have seen my post about my latest pattern — the Snowfall Sweater!  I was lucky enough to have it chosen to be a part of Lion Brand Yarn’s 12 Weeks of Christmas collection!  Today I wanted to share with you the additional knit and crochet kits in this beautiful and festive lineup.



Snowfall Sweater by Originally Lovely

Knitting Kit

Snowfall Sweater by Originally Lovely

Snowfall Sweater Knitting Pattern closeup

So of course I have to start with my Snowfall Sweater!  I am so happy with this pattern and love the way it turned out.  My inspiration was a peaceful first snow and I think that really shines through!

Shop the Snowfall Sweater kit here!



Flurries in the Wind Wrap by Two of Wands

Knitting Kit

Flurries in the Wind by Two of Wands

Flurries in the Wind Closeup

Flurries in the Wind in the Wind


Alexandra Tavel from Two of Wands always has such beautiful and modern designs.  This wrap is so perfectly simple but has enough texture and detail to create a stunning piece.

Shop the Flurries in the Wind kit here!



Aubergine Afghan by A Crocheted Simplicity

Crochet Kit

Aubergine Afghan Closeup

Aubergine Afghan


I absolutely love velvet yarn and when you combine it with the beautiful textures in this Afghan by A Crocheted Simplicity, you get pure magic!  Even better, velvet yarn is actually fun to work with — it’s quite easy to see and won’t split while you are working!

Shop the Aubergine Afghan kit here!



Balance Shawl by Woods and Wool

Crochet Kit

Balance Shawl Woods and Wool

Balance Shawl Detail


Melissa from Woods and Wool has such an amazing eye for clean design and simple colors.  Her designs just make me feel at peace.  This shawl would be an amazing gift for the balance seeker in your life.

Shop the Balance Shawl kit here!



Alpine Sheepskin by One Dog Woof

Crochet Kit

Alpine Sheepskin Crochet Kit

Alpine Sheepskin full view


If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that I LOVE when traditionally non-knit/crocheted items become knit or crocheted.  Its just such a surprise when you see something and don’t even realize that its hand knit or crocheted!  This Alpine Sheepskin from One Dog Woof is so awesome in that you get the look and feel of a sheepskin rug or blanket, but don’t actually have to have a sheepskin!

Shop the Alpine Sheepskin kit here!



Little Hearts Infinity by Knifty Knittings

Knitting Kit

Little Hearts Infinity closeup image

Little Hearts Infinity Scarf


Little red and white hearts — such a cute and classic design!  This Infinity Scarf by Knifty Knittings is a perfect way to share the handmade love.  Anyone would be so excited to receive this scarf!

Shop the Little Hearts Infinity kit here!



Scandinavian Knit Hat and Scarf Set

Knitting Kit

Scandinavian Knit hat and scarf set

Scandinavian Knit set


This beautiful duo designed by Mama in a Stitch features a timeless design updated for modern fashion.  The hat and scarf set will work up quickly and be a perfect chunky winter accessory!

Shop the Scandinavian Knit Hat and Scarf Set kit here!



Buckthorn Blanket by Make & Do Crew

Crochet Kit


Buckthorn Blanket by Make and Do Crew

Buckthorn Blanket detail image


This blanket by Make & Do Crew is SO COOL!  I think the combination of lacy edging combined with the more rustic look of the buck is so clever.  I can imagine this in a modern lodge or a trendy lake house!

Shop the Buckthorn Blanket kit here!



Cozy Boyfriend Cardigan by Evelyn and Peter

Crochet Kit

Cozy Boyfriend Cardigan

Cozy Boyfriend Cardigan back view


This cardigan makes me feel cozy just looking at it!  This yarn is so soft and fluffy and I love the stitches that Rachel from Evelyn and Peter chose for this design.

Shop the Cozy Boyfriend Cardigan kit here!



Luxe Faux Fur Cowl by All About Ami

Knitting Kit

Luxe Faux Fur Cowl

Luxe Faux Fur Cowl detail


Stephanie from All About Ami has such an amazing style and I’m always blown away by her designs.  This cowl might be my favorite!  The combination of Go for Faux and Heartland yarn is stunning and so creative!

Shop the Luxe Faux Fur Cowl kit here!



The Holiday Sweater by Sewrella

Knitting Kit

The Holiday Sweater Sewrella

The Holiday Sweater back view


This hot pink color is so Sewrella!  Asleigh has such cute, playful, and wearable designs.  The modern turtleneck design and wonderful fit create a super chic sweater!

Shop The Holiday Sweater kit here!



Stockport Tote by Whistle and Wool

Crochet Kit

Stockport Tote crochet kit

Stockport Tote by Whistle and Wool


This tote by Whistle and Wool is so unique!  The pockets and shape are super fashionable and totally one of a kind.  I’m certain that this is the kind of bag that people would stop you and ask where you got it!

Shop the Stockport Tote kit here!



I hope that you have enjoyed this roundup of the 12 Weeks of Christmas collection!  Which pattern is your favorite?

If you want to see more, check out last years collection here!


With Love, Kaitlin

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