Solstice Socks Knitting Pattern

Solstice Socks Knitting Pattern flatly image


Solstice Socks Knitting Pattern slipped stitch detail


Solstice Socks Knitting Pattern on the feet


Hello Knitters!  Today, I would like to share something new, the Solstice Socks Knitting Pattern!

These socks are wonderful.  I’ve been going over this pattern for the last couple months getting everything just right.  I wanted to design a sock that had the look of ribbed stitch socks but without having to purl!  The slipped stitch motif does just that while creating a wonderful sock that is squishier, resists over-stretching, and is just a bit warmer and denser than stockinette stitch socks.

These socks are knit from the top down, using a modified heel flap technique, and closed at the toe using kitchener stitch.  I have labeled this pattern an Intermediate+ level pattern, meaning you need to know some simple shaping and work a few more unique techniques like picking up stitches, and grafting with kitchener stitch.


Solstice Socks Knitting Pattern heel flap detail


If you haven’t knit a pair of socks before, this pattern is straightforward and easy enough to follow.  A couple of my test knitters hadn’t knit a pair of socks before and were able to follow along just fine!  You can check out their projects on Ravelry [here].


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Solstice Socks Knitting Pattern inside foot heel flap detail


Thank you all for your continued support!  I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I do.

With Love, Kaitlin

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