April Socks Knitting Pattern Main Image being worn on feet in front of a marble background

The April Socks Knitting Pattern

Introducing: The April Socks Knitting Pattern

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April is one of my favorite months of the year. The snow is melting, the trees start to bud, and the world just seems brighter with summer just around the corner.

The April Socks knitting pattern was inspired by the Aries Sock Set from Lavender Lune Yarn. This sock set is designed around the fiery spirit of the Aries Zodiac!

April Socks Knitting Pattern being worn on feel with ankles crossed against a marble background

These socks were made with durability in mind. The toe and heel are knit using a modified fisherman’s rib technique to create a dense, strong fabric. I love the two toned look of this fisherman rib technique. It almost looks like brioche stitch!

Accent color stripes run down the length of these socks using a unique, slipped stitch appliqué technique. This technique is done using a crochet hook after the sock is knit. Although it uses a crochet hook, no experience with crochet is needed! This is the same technique I used in my Rainbow Stripe Sweater. I have a full photo tutorial showing how to add these stripes HERE.

One April sock laying flat against a background

Incase you are new around here, I am working on a year long project called The Monthly Sock Series! Each month throughout the year I will release a sock knitting pattern that fits with that time of year. Check out the January Socks, the February Socks, and the March Socks!

If you knit these socks or any of the patterns in this series, be sure to tag #monthlysockseries on Instagram so I can see your work!

Knitting Pattern Inspiration

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to make these socks durable and hard wearing. If something wears out or pills on my hand knit socks, it’s always the heel. Using this modified fisherman’s rib technique, I made a heel and toe that is thicker and more durable.

The stripes throughout help to add some additional structure so they don’t stretch out or lose shape.

April socks side tire being worn

Knitting Pattern Design

The heel of these socks is knit using an afterthought heel technique. This heel technique is one of my favorites because you set the stitches aside for the heels and come back to knit them at the end. Shaping the heels is my least favorite part of socks so this technique means I can work them easily at the end.

The stripes for these socks are added at the end using a crochet hook and a slipped stitch appliqué technique. No experience with crochet is required! Check out this step by step photo tutorial for help working this technique.

Socks laying flat against a marble background.


100g (about 400 yards) Fingering weight sock yarn (shown in Lavender Lune Aries Sock Club Set)

20g (about 80 yards) Fingering weight sock yarn mini skein (accent color A)

20g (about 80 yards) Fingering weight sock yarn mini skein (accent color B)

Size US 1 (2.25 mm) circular needle for Magic Loop Technique OR Double Pointed Needles

Scrap yarn

3.0 mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle to weave in ends

Sam from Lavender Lune has added some sock sets to her shop if you want to use the same yarn that I did! Visit her website to shop or message her on Instagram if you are looking for these sock sets.

If you are looking for another color, some other sock yarns that I recommend are:

The March Socks Knitting Pattern

CLICK HERE to shop the pattern on Ravelry

CLICK HERE to shop the pattern on Etsy

April Socks Knitting Pattern Main Image being worn on feet in front of a marble background

I hope you enjoy this pattern and follow along as I release share the next installment in the Monthly Sock Series!

If you make this pattern of any of the other Monthly Sock Series patterns use the hashtag #monthlysockseries or #originallylovely on Instagram so I can see your work!

Happy Knitting!

With Love, Kaitlin

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