Traveling Knit Afghan Square #17

Introducing:  the Traveling Afghan Square #17


I am so excited to share with you all my square for the Traveling Afghan project hosted by Lion Brand Yarn and Two of Wands!

If you have’t heard about this project before, it’s a year long collaborative effort among 48 knitting and crochet designers all over the world.  Each maker designs a 10 x 10 square, shares a bit about themselves, and then passes it on to the next designer to do the same.  Knitters all over the world can follow along and make their own blanket at home!

There is a crochet version as well and although I am not taking part in designing that blanket, it looks absolutely amazing.

One of the things I love most about this project is that it brings us all together and really feels like a community effort.  Each designer has a story just as each square is unique and different.  Each is beautiful alone but together they are transformed into a piece of art that provides comfort and warmth, isn’t that beautifully poetic?  This project was planned back in 2019 but it turns out collaborating on this blanket and bringing the knitting and crochet community together was exactly what we needed for 2020.

If you have been following along and are ready to make square #17, scroll down to the free pattern.


How to Participate

If you haven’t been participating but want to get involved, follow the steps below:

1. Purchase a yarn kit for either the knit or crochet Traveling Afghan Kit from Lion Brand so you have everything you need. Note that you do not need to purchase a kit to join – you’re welcome to use any worsted weight yarn you like.  It might even be fun to mix various yarns from your stash! You’ll also need size US 8 (5mm) knitting needles for the knit blanket or a J/10 (6mm) crochet hook for the crochet blanket.

2.  Visit the Two of Wands landing page for the itineraries of the afghans as well as the master list of all designers and links to their sites so you can follow along as they travel around the world and new patterns get released.

3.  Follow the designers on social media to get updates on their pattern releases and learn about their maker journeys.

4. Host a knit-a-long with your knitting friends! Get together throughout the year in person or online to work on your squares.

5. Share your Traveling Afghan project on Instagram and be sure to add these tags: @LionBrandYarn  @mylifeinyarn #travelingafghans #lionbrandyarn #mylifeinyarn and either #travelingknitafghan or #travelingcrochetafghan

You can read more about both the blankets HERE or shop the kit on Lion Brand Yarn HERE.


Heres a look at the Traveling Knit Afghan as of August 20, 2020.


Scroll down to find links to the other 16 squares that are currently released, and the list of designers still to add their square over the remainder of the year.


Traveling Afghan Squares Currently Released:

Square #1:  January 6, 2020  CLICK HERE for the pattern from Two of Wands

Square #2:  January 25, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from Nomad Stitches

Square #3:  February 4, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from The Queen Stitch

Square #4:  February 24, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from The Knitbrooks

Square #5:  March 9, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from All About Ami

Square #6:  March 19, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from Knitatude

Square #7:  April 2, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from Christie Bodden Designs

Square #8:  April 14, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from Hanks and Needles

Square #9:  April 27, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from Designs by Phanessa

Square #10: Revealed May 12, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from Whistle and Wool

Square #11: Revealed May 25, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from Gorilla Knits

Square #12: Revealed June 13, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from JELLYknitting

Square #13: Revealed June 17, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from Evelyn and Peter

Square #14: Revealed July 3, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from Mama in a Stitch

Square #15: Revealed July 27, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from Yarn Hooks Needles

Square #16: Revealed August 3, 2020 CLICK HERE for the pattern from Fifty Four Ten Studio

Square #17:  Revealed August 20, 2020, Scroll down to view my pattern


Full Itinerary

#1 – 1/1-1/13 – New York City, USA – Alexandra Tavel of Two of Wands
#2 – 1/15-1/28 – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria – Sandra Gutierrez of Nomad Stitches
#3 – 1/29-2/11 – Dublin, Ireland – Katie Moore of The Queen Stitch
#4 – 2/12-2/25 – Nova Scotia, Canada – Kelly Brooks of Knitbrooks
#5 – 2/26-3/10 – Alberta, Canada – Stephanie Lau of All About Ami
#6 – 3/11-3/24 – Alberta, Canada – Chantal Miyagishima of Knitatude
#7 – 3/25-4/7 – BC, Canada – Christie Bodden of Christie Bodden Designs
#8 – 4/8-4/21 – Oregon, USA – Makenzie Alvarez of Hanks and Needles
#9 – 4/22-5/5 – California, USA – Phanessa Fong of Designs by Phanessa
#10 – 5/6-5/19 – California, USA – Angie Bivins of Whistle & Wool
#11 – 5/20-6/2 – California, USA – Jane Tsou of Gorilla Knits
#12 – 6/3-6/16 – Nevada, USA – Chenoa Wilcox of jellyKNITTING
#13 – 6/17-6/30 – Utah, USA – Rachel Misner of Evelyn & Peter
#14 – 7/1-7/14 – Colorado, USA – Jessica Potasz of Mama in a Stitch
#15 – 7/15-7/28 – Kansas, USA – Jerica Tompkins of Yarn Hook Needles
#16 – 7/29-8/11 – Kansas, USA – Mary Lee of Fifty Four Ten Studio
#17 – 8/12-8/25 – Minnesota, USA – Kaitlin Barthold of Originally Lovely
#18 – 8/26-9/8 – Minnesota, USA – Julia Anastasi of Northern Loop Knitwear
#19 – 9/9-9/22 – Winona, MN, USA – Trista Ziemendorf of While They Dream
#20 – 9/23-10/6 – Illinois, USA – Heidi Gustad of Hands Occupied
#21 – 10/7-10/20 – Illinois, USA – Jewell Washington of Northknits
#22 – 10/21-11/3 – Michigan, USA – Destiny Meyer of Knifty Knittings
#23 – 11/4-11/17 – Virginia, USA – Nathan Bryant of Loop N Threads
#24 – 11/18-12/1 – Rhode Island, USA – Jake Kenyon of Kenyarn
#25 – 12/2-12/16 – New Jersey, USA – Vanessa Coscarelli Black of Vanessa Knits


If you have any more questions feel free to comment at the bottom of this page or you can read more about both the blankets and find a list of Frequently Asked Questions HERE.


My Design


My square is knit using a modified Seafoam Stitch design

The inspiration behind my square was the lakes that are so abundant here in Minnesota.  It seems like all of our seasonal activities revolve around the lake.  In the summer we love boating, fishing, and swimming.  In the winter we use the lake for ice skating, cross country skiing, and ice fishing.  This year, I have been spending more time outdoors and enjoying the nature around me.



78-79 yards (33-34g) Lion Brand Wool-Ease (shown in fisherman #099) or any worsted weight yarn of your choice

Size US 8 (5.0 mm) knitting needles (or size needed to obtain gauge)

Tapestry Needle to weave ends



18 stitches and 26 rows = 4” in stockinette stitch on size US 8 (5.0 mm) knitting needles



This pattern is written using U.S. English terminology

* = repeat the instructions following the single asterisk as directed

K = knit

P = purl 

RS = right side 

REP = repeat

WS = wrong side

YO(s) = yarn over(s)

YO 2x = yarn over, twice



Cast on 46 sts using cast on method of your choice.  

1 (RS):  knit.

2 (WS):  knit.

3:  k6, * YO, k1, YO, k1, YO 2X, k1, YO, k1, YO, k6.  Rep from * to end of row.  

4:  knit, dropping all YOs from needle.  [46 sts].

5:  knit.

6:  knit. 

7:  k1, * YO, k1, YO, k1, YO 2X, k1, YO, k1, YO, k6.  Rep from * to end of row, ending last rep with k1.  

8:  knit, dropping all YOs from needle.  [46 sts].

Repeat rows 1-8 six more times.  

Then, repeat rows 1-6 once more.  

Bind off in knit. 



Weave in all ends to secure.  

To block, soak in warm water and lay flat to dry using pins to hold a 10X10 shape if needed


CLICK HERE to download the printable pattern PDF

CLICK HERE to view the pattern on Ravelry


For questions, please email 



I hope you enjoy this pattern — I’d love to see your finished work!  Share on social media using the hashtag #originallylovely #travelingafghans #lionbrandyarn #mylifeinyarn #travelingknitafghan or by tagging @originally.lovely @LionBrandYarn and @mylifeinyarn on Instagram!



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  1. This is lovely and I’ve never done a stitch pattern like this. So excited to add this one to my other Traveling Afghan squares. Thanks so much.

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