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Todays post is all about refashioning denim!  Something I’ve recently taken up doing is refashioning my old jeans into perfectly fitting skinny jeans.  The pair featured in the images above is actually a pair of  jeans I found on major sale but wanted to change into skinny jeans for summer.  This also works for me because I am so tall that most skinny jeans don’t actually fit me full-length.  The inseam of flare jeans tends to be much longer so by refashioning this pair, I finally have the perfect pair of long skinny jeans!

The main thing with turning an old pair of jeans into skinny jeans is that they need to fit your hips and thighs just how you want them.  If you look at the seams of your jeans, the denim closest to the stitch is always darker because it has been protected from regular wear and tear.  This is important and gives your jeans a real depth and is part of what makes denim so wonderful.  Because of this, doing an entire alteration of your jeans is tough because you will never be able to match up this natural distress.  If you look closely near my ankle of the inner seam, you can see what I mean because the seam does not match up perfectly, where I reworked the denim it is lighter.  To a point, this is unavoidable but over time it will blend it better.

I altered my jeans from the knee, down.  To get the perfect, custom fit, you will need to turn your jeans inside-out and try them on to pin.  Pin each side of the jeans to keep the bottom hem straight.  You can see where I pinned my jeans in the images below.  Remember to pin right where you want the seam to be.




Once you are pinned, you can sew your seams!  Its much easier than you think.  One thing to keep in mind is to match up the stitching already on the seams of your jeans as much as possible.  For me, this meant serving the seam and adding a top stitch on the inner seam, and sewing a straight seam and serging the remaining fabric on the outer seams.

To finish your seams, turn your jeans right side out and work over with sandpaper.  Sandpaper will help to blend the seams in so that you won’t have very stiff, fresh seams next to worked in distressed seams.

If you have noticed throughout my posts I mostly wear distressed denim.  I just love the way it feels more lived in and casual.  You can make your denim much more comfortable by placing distressed spots over tight or uncomfortable places.   You can also use the sandpaper to make your denim much softer!  Sandpaper is by far my favorite way to distress denim.  It might work slow but it is effective and is the most comparable to real distress on an old pair of jeans.

I hope you have learned some new ways to work your old denim and bring it new life!  Refashions are much easier than they look and I can often be surprised at what new things I can create from what is already in my closet.

Let me know if you have any questions or have anything you would like to share!

With love, Kaitlin

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