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I switched places with Brian and went behind the camera to photograph this flannel quarter zip I designed for him.  He was so excited about it and said that he has never seen anything like it!  Quarter zips and flannel are both perfect fall staples so I combined the two together to make a super nice pullover.  I chose a red and black flannel because he is from Nebraska and these colors will fit perfectly with Husker Gamedays!

One thing I had to keep in mind when making this pullover is that flannel doesn’t stretch as much as the knit fabrics that normally go into making a quarter zip.  With the proper fit, this is fine, you just have to be aware when making this and add an extra couple of inches in the armpit, shoulder areas, and wrists.  Because of this slightly looser fit, I added knit fabric to the wrist and bottom edge to slightly cinch up these areas.

Two yards of any flannel will work.  The flannel I chose happened to be thicker than some flannels.  For the sleeves, I used a knit fabric I had scraps of.  It happened to be a double knit jersey which worked perfectly for this and will best hold its shape.  The exact flannel I used was purchased and Joann Fabrics and I couldn’t find it on their website so linked in the images below is one similar and a couple of flannels and knit fabrics that would work perfectly.



Before you begin cutting, you will need to fold the fabric lining up the stripes.  This will assure that the stripes don’t curve or look off on the finished garment.  Follow the cutting diagram below to get the right measurements for your pullover.  Keep in mind that you will need to cut the pieces large than you would think because the flannel doesn’t have much stretch.  As mentioned before, I used 2 yards to make this pullover for Brian (who wears a mens size Large), you may need more or less fabric depending on the size.


Don’t forget to also cut long, 6″ wide strips in an accent color.  You will fit these exactly to the pullover when you attach them in a later step.  Once you have the pieces cut you are ready to begin.  Follow the steps carefully.


I hope that this pattern has helped you and that you are now able to make a perfect flannel quarter zip!  This pullover really will turn heads because it looks so sharp and is really just one of a kind.  Let me know if you have any questions or need more help with something I have posted in this tutorial, I would be happy to help!

With Love, Kaitlin

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