Lounge Pants Sewing Pattern


Hello!  I know it has been far too long since my last post.  Last year was a hard year for my family and I took this past month as a time to let myself heal.  I plan on getting back to my regular bi-weekly posts and sharing much more content!

Today, I would like to share how to make these super easy lounge pants!  Lounge pants are one of the first clothing items I began making.  I remember buying a pattern to make them and being completely shocked at how simple they were.  I made pairs for all my brothers and they wore them for years!  That might be when I started to realize that garment construction is so much easier than patterns make it seem and that you can use clothing you already have as a pattern!

These pants can be made in any size, and any material!  You can make them out of flannel (like I am showing today) to get a more pajama feel, fleece if you want super soft and warm pants, and even cotton or linen for summer lounge pants.  Make sure that if you are using fabric without stretch, you make the pants fit slightly looser by adding an inch or so to the pattern.  You don’t have to worry too much though, this pattern  is very forgiving.

You will need 2 yards of the fabric of your choice (more or less depending on sizing), 1″ wide elastic for the waist, and 2 yards of a ribbon or rope for the drawstring.

To start, find a pair of pants that fit comfortably, but loose.  We will use these as our pattern.  Fold them flat and lay on top of your fabric as shown below.



Before you cut the fabric, pay close attention to the center of the pants.  At the point in the middle of the pants, one end will likely be folded over more to accommodate for more room in the back.  When you cut, you will have to make sure that the top layer of fabric is cut near the seam for the front, and the bottom layer about an inch further out for the backside.  This is shown in more detail below.



Where my hand is, you can see two different cuts.  One closer in for the front of the pants, and one further out for the backside.



Once you have the first leg cut you can lay it flat and you should have a piece that looks similar to this one below.  To cut the second leg, lay this piece down right-sides facing and cut a second piece.



Once you have the pieces cut it is time to begin sewing!  Assembly of these pants is quite easy and will be worked in three main steps.  Serge all seams or finish with a zig-zag stitch to avoid any fabric fraying.

First, you will need to sew each leg seam.  On your first leg piece, fold your fabric right sides facing matching up the inseam lines.  Sew from the center corner, down to the hem.  Repeat for the other leg.



For the second step, you will have to connect the leg pieces together.  Lay the pieces wrong-sides out next to each other as shown above.  Carefully pin the pieces together starting at the center seam and working up on each side.  Sew.



For the third and final step, you will hem the bottom of each leg and finish the waistband.

To finish the waistband, serge or zig-zag stitch along the top edge to keep from fraying.  Fold and press the fabric inside the waist of the pants 1.5″.  Sew to secure 1.25″ from the waistband edge leaving a small opening to thread the elastic through.

Cut the elastic the size of your waist and attach one end to a safety pin.  Thread through the pants and sew the ends of the elastic together.  Sew to close the opening left in the waistband.



To thread the drawstring through, snip a tiny opening near the center and thread the ribbon through.  If your machine has a buttonhole function you can sew a small buttonhole on either side of the center seam in front for the ribbon but it isn’t necessary.  The drawstring itself isn’t necessary with the elastic but I add it in so that I know which side is the front of the pants!

You may also sew a ¼” below the waistband to get a more professional look to your pants.  I did this just to add some extra strength to them.  You can see it if you look very closely below.



I hope that you enjoy this tutorial and make your own lounge pants using this pattern!  I really love showing how easy it can be to make your own clothing.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or tips and tricks you have learned when making pants.

With Love, Kaitlin

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