Stockinette Stripe Tote Knitting Pattern


Happy Monday!  I am excited to share this new Stockinette Stripe Tote Knitting Pattern and kit with Lion Brand Yarn!  This tote is worked quickly in stockinette stitch with large needles to create a bold stripes, perfect for summer!

I’ve had this pattern in mind for some time but hadn’t found the right yarn.  I knew it needed to be cotton, bulky without being too heavy, and easy to care for.  When I came across Lion Brand Fast-Track yarn I knew it was perfect.  This yarn is so unique (it reminds me almost of shoelaces) and because it is flat, it works up into a perfectly bulky fabric that is structured but light.

The pattern for this tote is written out and easy to follow.  If you are more of a chart person, I also created a chart to follow along (shown below).  Each cube in the grid represents a stitch worked in stockinette stitch.  It also shows how the handles are worked longer than the rest of the bag.  Don’t worry — if you hate charts it is all written out in the pattern!




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Pattern Description: This stockinette stitch tote is knit in one piece and seamed together along the sides. Knit densely, this tote is able to stand on its own and hold its shape. Made in Lion Brand Fast-Track yarn, it is strong and durable, perfect for use throughout the summer.


Skill Level: Easy



2 skeins – Lion Brand Fast-Track Yarn in White

1 skein – Lion Brand Fast-Track Yarn in Dune Buggy Denim (navy)

1 skein – Lion Brand Fast-Track Yarn in Truckers Taupe (tan)

Size 10.5 US (6.5 mm) 36” circular knitting needles

Size 10.5 US (6.5 mm) straight knitting needles

Stitch holders

Tapestry Needle


Gauge: 10 stitches x 15 of rows = 3 inches in stockinette stitch



Finished tote measures approximately 11” tall, 14” long, and 6” wide.



BO: Bind off

CO: Cast on

k: knit

p: purl

sl: slip stitch

sts: stitches


Notes: This entire tote will be worked in stockinette stitch from one side, across horizontally to the next side. For reference, the diagram below shows the color pattern, as well as the construction of the tote piece. To make the handles, you will work those pieces longer than the body of the bag. For a perfect selvage edge, be sure to slip the first stitch of each row and cut the yarn at each color change leaving a tail to be woven in later.



Using the long circular needle, cast on 40 sts in white. This tote will be worked in stockinette stitch, knit all odd numbered rows and purl all even numbered rows.

1-3: white

4-7: tan

8-9: white

10-16: navy

Slip sts onto st holder and set aside, work one additional piece as done above.


Join the two side rectangles together:

17: using the white yarn, knit stitches from first rectangle, cast on 20 stitches, knit the stitches from the second rectangle. You will now have 100 sts on your needles in a single row.

18: white

19-22: tan

23-24: white

25: In white, k6 sts, transfer the 6 sts just worked onto a st holder (this will be refered to as handle 1), knit next 88 sts, transfer remaining 6 sts onto a st holder (this will be refered to as handle 2). You will now have 2 st holders with 6 sts on each and 88 sts remaining on your needles. The sts on the st holders will be the handles and the 88 sts will be the body of the bag.



26-28: white

29-32: tan

33-34: white

35-41: navy

42-43: white

44-47: tan

48-50: white

Repeat rows 26-50 once more.


Handle 1:

26-30: white

31-36: tan

37-39: white

40-49: navy

50-52: white

53-58: tan

59-67: white

Repeat rows 31-58 and then rows 26-30.


Handle 2:

25 (knit row): white

Repeat as done for handle 1.


Join handles and body together:

For ease, we will knit the first row to join the pieces together. From this point forward, even numbered rows will be knit and odd numbered rows will be purl.

76: With the white yarn, knit the stitches that were worked for handle 1, careful not to twist the handle, continuing in this row knit stitches from the body of the bag, and then knit the stitches worked for handle 2.

77-78: white

79-82: tan

83: white


84: In white, knit first 40 sts, bind off center 20 sts, knit remaining 40 sts. You will now have 80 sts on your needles, 40 for each side of the bag.


Side of the bag (40 sts):

85-91: navy

92-93: white

94-97: tan

98-100: white

Bind off in white

Repeat Rows 85-100 for the other side of the bag.



First, you will need to weave in all ends. Then, you will seam the edges together. First, seam the cast on edges of the two rectangles together. Then, seam the bottom edge of these pieces to the bottom edge of the bag. Repeat on the opposite end. Steam block to finish.


CLICK HERE to get the ad-free, printable pattern PDF


I hope you enjoy this pattern!  Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

With Love, Kaitlin

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