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Blanket scarfs are wonderful and they are just as cozy as a blanket!  Perfect for bonfires, trips to the pumpkin patch, or just everyday wear.  They can be styled different ways and when you make your own, the color possibilities are endless (or as endless as the flannel selection).

This is my first tutorial that is no-sew, no-knit, completely 100% anyone can do this!  The part that makes this scarf different than others and extra beautiful in my mind is the fringe on the raw edge.  This really gives the scarf a finished, classic flannel look and although it is a bit tedious to complete, it is worth it.

To begin you will need to find one yard of flannel that you like.  The flannel I used is linked in the first image below.  I have linked a few other flannels I found from amazon as well that you can order a single yard with for cheap, some as low as $5!  If you go to a store to pick out your flannel, keep in mind you don’t want it to be too thick because then it will look too big and the concept of a blanket scarf won’t work.



Once you have your fabric you will need to cut it into a square.  Lay out your yard of fabric, you will have one length that is shorter than the other and this will be the guide that you will use to cut your square (see diagram below).  Basically you will fold one corner of the fabric up to meet the edge and make a square with the 36″ shorter edge.


Once you have your square of fabric you will look at it and figure out which ends you are going to fray.  Flannel is made up of stronger threads going in one direction and very soft, weaker threads going in another direction.  You want to pull out the stronger threads.  Begin on one edge and pull out each thread one at a time.  This seems tedious but it is actually faster than pulling out multiple threads because you won’t run the risk of ending up with a tangled mess.  Do it while watching tv or talking on the phone and it will go by fast!  You will need to pull out the threads until you have 3.5″ of fringe on each opposite end.

Next is the fun part and what really makes the scarf come together.  One end at a time, wet the threads that will make up the fringe and lay out across a towel as shown below.




Separate a piece into a ¼” section and twist to hold together.  Repeat all along the length of the scarf.  Make sure to twist all pieces in the same direction so they don’t tangle together.




Once you have completed one length of the scarf, carefully turn and repeat on the other side.  When you are finished lay flat to dry and the fringe will hold once dry.

For the other two unfinished ends of the scarf you can pull out a few threads right from the edge and them leave it, they will not fray anymore.  If you do sew you can also serge or blanket stitch along that edge in a matching thread color.  Either way works fine and it is really what you prefer.

I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to make your own fringed blanket scarf!  The possibilities are endless and knowing that you made something so fashionable and cute is a great feeling.

Let me know if you have any questions, I can always help.

With Love, Kaitlin

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    1. Hello! If you start at a corner and pull the threads out slightly you should be able to tell. The stronger thread might be rougher depending on the flannel you are using. Let me know if you still need help! Thanks for reading ☺️

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