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These fleece lined, flannel mittens might be the coziest mittens I own.  The combination of the two fabrics makes super warm mittens that are still thin enough to be functional.  These mittens also make a great handmade gift that anyone would love!

To get the perfect fit, I tried many different pattern variations.  I wanted to be sure to have minimal bulk so the fewer the seams the better.  I will walk you through how to get the perfect fit with your own mittens below.

Flannel Mittens Diagram-01

The diagram above shows the measurements needed to fit your mittens in Green and the general shape of the fabric cuts.  Always leave a decent amount of space (almost an inch) between the actual measurement of your hand and the cut edge of the fabric for both seam allowances and the bulk of the fleece lining.  The guides in orange can be used to line up the stripes of the flannel.

Measuring these mittens is not an exact science.  I was able to make pairs of these mittens for my friends and family by simply guessing on their hand sizes.



You will need to cut 2 hand pieces and 2 thumb pieces in both the flannel and the fleece.  You will also need to cut two ¼” pieces of elastic to be a little larger than your wrist.  Construction of the mittens are as follows:

Mitten Construction Diagram-01-01-01


I used materials I already had leftover from other projects but I have linked some similar ones below:

Let me know if you have any questions, I would love to help!

With love, Kaitlin

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