Linen Pants Sewing Pattern

Linen Pants Sewing Pattern cuffed and sitting

Linen Pants Sewing Pattern standing side view

Linen Pants Sewing Pattern back view

Linen Pants Sewing Pattern side view standing 2

Linen Pants Sewing Pattern hand in pockets and walking

Linen Pants Sewing Pattern hands in pockets and laughing

Linen Pants Sewing Pattern hands in pockets side view


Linen pants are the perfect bridge into late summer style.  They are casual and keep you cool but still cover up more skin than shorts.  I have always loved the casual, lived-in look of linen pants but often find that the ones you buy ready to wear are made out of low quality fabrics and get extremely wrinkly… so I decided to make my own!

I ordered a sample of this sage green linen and instantly had a vision for the pants I wanted to make.  The thing that makes this linen special is that it is actually 45% rayon.  This gives it a bit of added softness and enhances its drape.  I have also been obsessed with tie-waists this season so I wanted to bring that into this pair as well.

The fabric that I used is linked [ here ].  I ordered 2 yards but barely had enough (so maybe order 2.5-3+ yards depending on sizing.  You will also need a bit of lightweight interfacing for the waistband [ linked here ], 2″ soft waistband elastic [ linked here ] and a scrap piece of muslin for the pocket lining and waistband lining.


CLICK HERE to Download Linen Pants Cutting Diagram

CLICK HERE to Download Linen Pants Construction Diagram


A few hints when sewing these:  be sure to press and pin everything!  The beautiful drape of this fabric also shows any and all flaws so work carefully.  Also note that there is actually no right and wrong-sides to this fabric so pay close attention that you do not end up with two left legs, two right pockets, etc.

I hope you enjoy these wonderful pants!  Let me know if you have any questions.

With Love, Kaitlin


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  1. Hi Kaitlin, looking forward to sewing these pants. They look so comphy. Could you tell me, when I am working out measurement D on the cutting pattern, what does the asterix mean? Do I times B by 1.33 or add 1.33 inches? Do I measure it by B with or without the extra inch added?

  2. These pants look so comfy! And I looooove linen! I will make one for myself for sure! Thank you so much!

  3. So nice! Thanks for sharing this pattern. I love linen and this is a nice simple pattern for a great cool summer night look. Thanks so much!

  4. Wonderful PDFs for pattern and tutorial. Love the look. 69 and digging the look and comfort! THANK YOU

  5. hello,
    lovely pants, but where do I find the pattern?
    I click on “free pattern & tutorial”, then I only get 2 options: “download linen pants cutting diagram” and “download linen pants construction diagram”.
    cannot find the actual pattern.
    Pls. advise. I have lots of linen in my stash…..

  6. oops! My bad. I didn’t read the cutting diagram! But I must say I love not having to print 99 pages.

  7. Thank you so much for the Free patterns and instructions, much appreciate them. Please stay safe you and family

  8. Cannot find the pattern cutting diagram and construction diagram is all that’s there. Please can u send me link to pattern
    Thank u

  9. All I can download is the cutting diagram and the construction diagram. Does this mean I make my own pattern using my measurements? I cannot find a print out pattern that I tape together.
    Thanks, these look like wonderful comfy pants.

  10. Love the look of these pants. A definite make until I completed downloads and no pattern pieces. So disappointing and definitely will not be attempting this.

    1. Hi Judy! This is more of a tutorial to draft your own pattern. I am super passionate about making clothes that fit you perfectly, not following a one size fits all approach! That is one of the core beliefs and missions behind Originally Lovely. That being said, this pattern/tutorial is quite old and not necessarily representative of my recent work but I leave it up because many still find enjoyment and value in it. Hopefully you an find something out there that works for you, best of luck and happy sewing <3

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