Bow Knitting Pattern

Introducing: the loveliest Knit Bow! A delightful knitting pattern and photo tutorial knit using Originally Lovely Cria yarn.

Worked quickly using a double knitting technique, this playful bow makes the perfect accessory!

Bow knitting pattern shown on a woman. Bow is shown in a hot pink color and clipped in her hair, photo shows the back of her head. Bow is a classic bow with small, tapered ends.

Bow Knitting Pattern


This pattern and photographs of this garment are property of Kaitlin Barthold of Originally Lovely. This pattern, photos, and design are subject to copyright and are for personal use only. All commercial use is strictly prohibited. You may not reproduce or distribute this pattern under any circumstances.

The free version of this pattern must be viewed from the webpage.

Bow knitting pattern shown in Lipstick, laying flat on a table with Originally Lovely Cria yarn in the background.

Skill Level


This bow is knit using a double knitting technique, a chain edge cast on, knit decreases, and an i-cord.  

Materials Needed to Knit This Bow

  • 20 grams / approx 44 yards Originally Lovely Cria Yarn
  • (samples shown in Prom, Vino and Lipstick)
  • Size 4 (3.5mm) circular knitting needles, at least 29” long
  • Size 4 double pointed needles (optional, to work icord)
  • 3.0 mm crochet hook (for chain edge cast on)
  • Blocking pins and foam blocking mat (optional, but recommended)
  • Hair clip (to attach bow)
  • Hot Glue Gun (optional, but recommended for the most secure placement)
  • Tapestry Needle to weave in ends


33 sts = 4” in double knitting on size 4 needles. 

Notes on gauge:  

  • Double knitting is done by working two layers simultaneously. Because of this, you need to include the stitches shown on both the right side and wrong side of your work in your gauge count. For example, 33 stitches over 4” will appear to be 16.5” over 4” when viewed from just one side of the work. 
  • Because of the small scale of this pattern, row gauge is not significant.  Focus on stitch gauge to create a ribbon that is the proper length to shape your bow.

Choosing Yarn

For this knit bow, it is recommended to use a worsted weight yarn such as Originally Lovely Cria.

Cria yarn main image shown in the color Forest
Originally Lovely
Cria Yarn

A beautiful, worsted weight yarn made from 100% baby alpaca.

Construction Notes

This pattern is worked length-wise using a double knitting technique.  First, you will cast on a large number of stitches that will be the length of the bow ‘ribbon’.  Then, you will work the width of the ribbon, decreasing at the end of each round to shape the ribbon points.  After you have worked the width of the bow, you will bind off.  To form the bow, you will make a 5-stitch i-cord and attach this in the center of the ribbon.  

Tips for Modifying

If modifying this pattern to make a bow using a different gauge or weight of yarn, calculate your gauge per inch.  Then, multiply this number by 18.  This will be the number of stitches you need to cast on to create an ribbon that is 18” long.  Then, work the pattern repeat until your ribbon measures 1.75” wide.  If modifying this pattern, be sure to cast on an even number of stitches.  


This knitting pattern will first create a ribbon that is approximately 18” long and 1.75” wide.  

The ribbon will then form a bow that is approx 4.5” wide and 5” long.


  • This pattern is written using U.S. English Terminology
  • K = knit
  • K3tog = knit 3 together (2 sts decreased)
  • P = purl
  • Psso = pass slipped stitch over
  • Pso = pass stitch over
  • RS = right side
  • Sl1p = slip one stitch as if to purl
  • St = stitch
  • Sts = stitches
  • Wyib = working yarn in the back of your work
  • Wyif = working yarn in the front of your work

Knitting Pattern Instructions


Using size 4 needles, cast on 150 stitches using the chain edge cast on method. 

Row 1:  sl1p wyib, (k1, sl1p wyif) to last 3 sts, k3tog. [148 sts].

Row 2:  sl1p wyif, (k1, sl1p wyif) to last 3 sts, k3tog.  [146 sts].

Repeat row 2 24 more times. [98 sts]. 

Please note, your ribbon will likely curl a bit at either end. This is ok! Wet blocking will even out the stitches and keep the ends straight.  

Bind off Row:  sl1p wyif, k1, psso to bind off the first st, p1, psso.  Continue in this way, binding off in rib stitch across to last 3 sts, k3tog, pass stitch over to bind off final st.  Cut yarn and pull through to secure leaving ends to weave in later. 

Wet block your ribbon by soaking in lukewarm water.  Remove excess water by rolling gently in a towel.  Lay flat and pin into place to dry.  

Ribbon Tie

The center tie of the ribbon will be shaped with a 5 stitch i-cord.

Using double pointed needles (or circular needle), cast on 5 sts using backwards loop cast on method, or other thin cast on method of choice.  

1: knit. 

2-10: slide work across needle, with RS still facing you, carry the working yarn across the back of your work and knit across the row once more.  

Repeat row 2 until you have knit a total of 10 rows.  

Bind off in knit.  Cut yarn leaving a tail.  

Forming the Bow:

You will now fold your ribbon and attach the I-cord to shape your knit bow!

Step 1:

Once your ribbon is dry, lay flat with the longer end on bottom.  Have i-cord ready to go next to you, with a tapestry needle threaded onto one of the tails. 

Bow knitting pattern assembly step 1. This shows the bow laying flat on a table ready to assemble. Short end of ribbon is on top.
Step 2:

Fold one end of the ribbon across at a slight angle, leaving about 1/3 of the ribbon flat and lining up the wider point with the bottom of the ribbon. 

Bow knitting pattern assembly step 2. Right end of ribbon is folded across the main portion to shape right side.
Step 3:

Next, fold the opposite end of the ribbon across and line up the wider point with the bottom of the first fold.  This will be the back of your bow.

Bow knitting pattern assembly step 3. Left end of ribbon is now folder over left side to form right side of bow. You can see how it is starting to shape
Step 4:

Pinch the center of the folded piece and turn over. 

Bow knitting pattern assembly step 4. Bow is pinched and turned over.
Step 5:

Adjust tails to the same length if necessary and shape a nice fold in the center of the top ribbon.

Bow knitting pattern assembly step 5. Here, you adjust the bow so that it looks even and has a nice fold in the top ribbon piece.
Step 6:

Drape i-cord across bow and pinch into place.  

Bow knitting pattern assembly step 6.  You now drape the I-cord over the folded ribbon.
Step 7:

Keeping the bow pinched securely, turn over and sew the cast on edge and the bind off edge of i-cord together using a whipstitch. 

Bow knitting pattern assembly step 7. Turn over and sew I-cord together to close bow.
Step 8:

Turn your bow back over to the front and make any final adjustments. 

Bow knitting pattern assembly step 8. Make any final adjustments
Step 9:

Tie the ends of your i-cord together at the back of your bow to secure.  

Bow knitting pattern assembly step 9. Here, you tie the bow ends of the icord at the back to secure.
Step 10:

Weave in all ends towards the back of your bow and carefully attach bow to a styling hair clip using a hot glue gun.  Alternatively, you may sew your bow onto the hair clip using leftover yarn.  

Bow knitting pattern assembly step 10, weave in ends and attach bow to a clip using a hot glue gun.


Pattern Support

I hope you’ve enjoyed knitting your own bow!

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