Granny Hexi Stocking Main Image shown with stockings laying flat on a table and the supplies used to make the Christmas stockings scattered around

Granny Hexi Stocking Crochet Pattern

Introducing: the Granny Hexi Stocking Crochet Pattern – free & easy Christmas stocking pattern and tutorial

The Granny Hexi Crochet Stocking is a fun and festive Christmas stocking pattern shaped from crochet hexagons! Crocheted using Originally Lovely Lana yarn, this stocking gently felted to maintain its shape and structure.

Granny Hexi Christmas Stocking shown in the colors Tabby, Natural, Merlot, and Cloud.  Stocking is constructed from crocheted granny hexagons in a floral type design and assembled in a stocking shape

The Granny Hexi Stocking crochet pattern is available as a free pattern below. A printable PDF is available for purchase on Ravelry and Etsy.

A full, start to finish tutorial is available for this pattern to help with any unfamiliar techniques and stocking assembly.

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The Granny Hexi Stocking Design

The Granny Hexi Stocking is made using crochet hexagons and half hexagons assembled together using a whipstitch. The top border gives a modern and stylish look! The pattern for the hexagons themselves was inspired by holiday Poinsettia flowers.

Yarn Choice

The yarn to make this stocking is Originally Lovely Lana, an aran weight, highland wool yarn. This is the ideal yarn for making stockings because it can be felted to form a more durable stocking with a bit of structure! This means that these stockings will maintain their shape when hung for long periods of time and will stay looking nice for many years!

Only non-superwash wool yarns are able to be felted. In addition to strength and durability, felting the stocking means you don’t have to weave in the ends quite as thoroughly! You’ll still need to weave them in a bit to secure, but felting the stocking will assure that the ends stay in place and don’t come undone even with heavy use.

Originally Lovely Yarn


Lana is a lovely aran weight yarn made out of 100% Andean Highland Wool, the perfect yarn choice for the Granny Hexi Stockings!

If you’ve never felted anything before, don’t worry! We are felting these stockings simply by hand using hot water, a drop of dish soap, and a couple minutes of gentle agitation with our hands! This allows the fibers to tangle together and ‘stick’ in place.

Detail image of the christmas stockings showcasing the stitches and how they are seamed together in the back loop only.  Originally Lovely Lana yarn is shown in the background along with some unused crochet hexagons

Granny Hexi Stocking Crochet Pattern


This pattern and photographs of this garment are property of Kaitlin Barthold of Originally Lovely. This pattern, photos, and design are subject to copyright and are for personal use only. All commercial use is strictly prohibited. You may not reproduce or distribute this pattern under any circumstances.

The free version of this pattern must be viewed from the webpage.

Granny Hexi Crochet Christmas Stockings shown laying flat with all of the materials needed laying around.  Hand is holding the red version of the stocking and showcases the scale for size

Skill Level

Easy +

For this pattern, you will use the following skills: crochet in the round, crochet flat, work a magic ring, crochet simple stitches, work puff stitches, and feel comfortable following written instructions.  Knowledge of stitch charts is helpful but not required. 

The accompanying video tutorial makes this pattern suitable for advanced beginners looking to further their skills.


4 balls Originally Lovely Lana Yarn

  • 20 grams / approx 40 yards Color A
  • 40 grams / approx 80 yards Color B
  • 60 grams / approx 120 yards Color C
  • 75 grams / approx 145 yards Color D
  • 30 grams / approx 60 yards Top Border Color
Red Stocking is shown in Cloud (A), Merlot (B), Natural (C), and Tabby (D). 
Green Stocking is shown in Tabby (A), Natural (B), Olive (C), and Cloud (D). 
Both Red and Green stocking use Natural for the Top Border.

To make one Red and one Green stocking in the color order as pictured, you will be able to use the following yarn:  2 balls of Natural and 1 ball of each Cloud, Tabby, Merlot, and Olive

Size US I-9 (5.5mm) crochet hook

Tapestry Needle to weave in ends

Removable stitch markers (to help with stocking construction)


One Hexagon = 4.5 by 5 inches

Olive version of the Granny Hexi Crochet Stocking pattern

Choosing Yarn

For this pattern, it is recommended to use a non-superwash, aran weight wool yarn.  This is so that we can gently ‘felt’ the stocking to create a dense fabric that will hold its shape when hanging.  

Please note:  yarn weight and yardage requirements are estimates based on Originally Lovely Lana yarn.  Using yarn of a different fiber composition, ply, gauge, and any pattern modifications will lead to differences in yarn usage.  

Pattern Notes

This stocking is assembled by crocheting granny hexagons and seaming them together.  After stocking is assembled, a top border and hanging loop will be added. 

Granny hexagons are created by working in rounds while increasing at corners.  There are many techniques to create hexagons.  In this pattern, the technique we will be using is to turn at the end of each round to prevent twisting.  For help understanding this technique, be sure to watch the accompanying video tutorial.  

Because you are changing colors after each round, this project will create lots of ends.  It is highly recommended to weave in your ends as you work.  Tying knots instead of weaving in ends is not recommended.  If you are using a wool yarn and felting your stocking, you do not need to weave in your ends as thoroughly as you may otherwise.  Even a gentle felting will help hold your ends in place.  

Portions of this pattern are written in crochet shorthand.  This means that if you see 3DC, you will work 3 double crochet stitches into the same stitch whereas 2DC means 2 double crochet stitches into the same stitch.  

Unless otherwise noted, the starting/turning chains in this pattern will count as the first stitch. 

Both Christmas stockings draped across a table being adjusted and held to show scale and how they are slightly dense from the gentle felting done at the end

Finished Dimensions

As written, this pattern will create a stocking that is approximately 6.5” wide at the ‘leg’, and 14.5” tall from heel to top border.  Changes in hook size or yarn choice will create a stocking that is slightly smaller or larger.  

Although this stocking is gently felted at the end, this is just to add some structure, not necessarily to reduce the size.  


A full, start-to-finish video tutorial is available for this crochet pattern.

The video tutorial is always a great place to start for the fastest answer to any questions. 

Timestamps for specific parts of the pattern are linked in the pinned comment.

Pattern Support

For additional pattern support, please comment below or email: 


This pattern is written using U.S. English terminology using Craft Yarn Council standards.  

[ ] = work instructions within brackets as directed 

* = repeat instructions following asterisk as directed

Blo = back loop only 

Ch = chain stitch

Ch sp = chain space

Col = color

DC = double crochet

Gap sp = gap space.  The space between two stitch clusters or puff stitches.  

MR = Magic Ring (tutorial linked here).

Puff st = puff stitch.  [Yarn over, pull up a loop] 3x, (7 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through all loops

RS = right side

SC = single crochet 

Slst = slipped stitch 

Sk = skip the next stitch

Sp = space 

St = stitch

Sts = stitches 

WS = wrong side

X = times.  Repeat the instructions as noted.  

Both Granny Hexi Stockings laying flat showcasing the details of the stitches, seams, and the order of the colors.  Both are crocheted using Originally Lovely Lana yarn.

Granny Hexi Stocking Crochet Pattern Instructions

To begin, you will crochet the hexagons (hexis).  You will create 14 full hexis and 3 half hexis.  

Hexi Instructions

Round 1 (WS):  in MR using col A, ch1 (does not count as 1st st), [puff st, ch1] 6x.  In col B, slst with 1st st to join.  Ch3 & turn.  (MR tutorial linked here).

2 (RS):  4DC in ch1 sp, sk puff st, [5DC in ch1 sp, sk puff st] 5x.  In col C, slst with 3rd ch of turning ch to join.  Ch3 & turn.  

3 (WS):  2DC in gap sp between DC groups, sk2 DC, SC in DC, sk2 DC *  [3DC, ch1, 3DC] in gap sp, sk2 DC, SC in DC, sk2 DC.  Rep from * 4 more times, [3DC in same gap sp as beginning DC], ch1.  In col D, slst with 3rd ch of turning ch to join.  Ch3 & turn.  

4 (RS):  2DC in ch1 sp, sk3 DC, 3DC in SC, sk3 DC, * [3DC, ch1, 3DC] in ch1 sp, sk3 DC, 3DC in SC, sk3 SC.  Rep from * 4 more times, 3DC in same ch1 sp as beginning DC, ch1, slst with 3rd ch of turning ch to join.  Break yarn and pull through to secure.  

Hexi Crochet Chart

Granny Hexi Stocking crochet chart showcasing the full size crochet hexagon and all the stitches needed.

Half Hexi Instructions

Row 1 (WS):  in MR using col A, ch2, [puff st, ch1] 3x.  In col B, ch3 & turn.  

2 (RS):  2DC in ch1 sp, sk puff st, [5DC in ch1 sp, sk puff st] 2x, 3DC in ch2 sp pulling through final 2 loops of last DC with col C. Ch1 & turn.  

3:  SC in first dc, * sk2 DC, [3DC, ch1, 3DC] in gap sp between DC groups, sk2 DC, SC in DC.  Rep from * 2 more times working final SC in ch3 sp, pulling through final SC with col D. Ch3 & turn.  

4:  DC in SC, * sk3 DC, [3DC, ch1, 3DC] in ch1 sp, sk3 DC, 3DC in SC.  Rep from * once more, sk3 DC, [3DC, ch1, 3DC] in ch1 sp, sk3 DC, 2DC in final DC.  Break yarn and pull through to secure. 

Half Hexi Crochet Chart

Half hexagon crochet chart instructions for the Granny Hexi Crochet Christmas Stocking

Stocking Assembly

Stocking will be assembled using a whipstitch join in the back loop only of each stitch.  For a more detailed, step by step tutorial on joining the squares and following the diagram, check out the video tutorial.  

1.  Join your hexagons and half hexagons flat as shown in the diagram below. 

2.  Fold along the vertical bolded line and join edges outlined in Blue (seams 1-5). To keep track of numbered seams, it may be helpful to pin into place before you begin.  

3.  Fold along the angled bolded line and join edges outlined in Red (seams 6-12).  

4.  To assemble the toe, join edges outlined in Green (seams 13-15).  

Stocking Assembly Diagram

Assembly diagram for the Granny Hexi Christmas Stocking crochet pattern.  Dark lines indicate the fold lines to form the stocking while blue, red, and green lines indicate final seams to sew the stocking and finalize the shape.

Top Border

Set Up Round:  Beginning at the right edge of the stocking (marked with a star in the assembly diagram), with RS facing and using the color Natural, insert your hook into the center of the MR of the Half Hexagon and pull up a loop.  Ch1, slst around edge of stocking working 2 slst into the edge of each DC and Puff st row and 1 slst into the edge of each SC row and MR [45 sts total].  Slst to join.  Ch1, do not turn.  

Note:  For the top border, turning ch1 does not count as the first stitch.  

Round 1 (RS): SC blo around, slst to join. Ch1 & turn. 

2-5:  SC around, slst to join.  Ch1 & turn.  After round 5, ch1 but do not turn.

Note:  You may repeat row 2 more or less here to make the top border longer or shorter.  

6:  slst blo around, slst to join.  Break yarn and pull through to secure.  

Hanging Loop

Row 1:  Using the color Natural, Ch25.  In 2nd ch from hook, slst, slst across.  Ch1 & turn.  

Note:  For the hanging loop, turning ch1 does not count as the first stitch. 

2:  slst blo across.  Ch1 & turn.  

3:  slst blo across.  Break yarn and pull through to secure.  

Attach either edge of hanging loop along outer edge of top border. 


Weave in all ends.  

Gently felt stocking by soaking in hot water with a mild soap and gentle agitation using your hands.  Shape stocking and lay flat to dry.

Detail image of the way that the hexagons come together to shape and form the Granny Hexi Stocking.


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