Pinwheel Coasters Knitting Pattern

Pinwheel Coasters Knitting Pattern stacked coasters

Pinwheel Coasters Knitting Pattern set of coasters


Hello Knitters!  I have a fun little pattern to share with you today, these beautiful coasters!  I revamped a pattern I wrote a few years ago to create these little pinwheel coasters.  There are tons of beautiful crochet coasters out there but very few knit ones… crocheters can’t have all the fun!

This pattern makes for a wonderful gift and the color options are endless.  For the Fourth of July, I made these in alternating red & white and blue & white colors.  The yarn for this pattern is Lily Sugar and Cream Cotton, I haven’t tested this out with any other kitchen cottons but I am sure it would work fine.



Before you get started, make sure you read this pattern and the notes carefully.  Since it is such a small item any mistake will be amplified.  Slipping the first stitch as noted in the pattern will give a nice selvage edge that will mimic the cast off edge and make your pinwheel extra neat.



Size 6 knitting needles

Lily Sugar and Cream Cotton Yarn

Tapestry Needle



sl1:  with working yarn in front, slip 1 stitch purl-wise.

M1L:  (make one left).  Pick up the bar between the stitch you just knit and the stitch you are about to knit from front to back.  Knit through the back of this bar.  (1 stitch increased)

Turn:  simply turn your work without working to the end of the row.  This is like working a “short row” but no other step is required than turning your work.

In row 12, be sure to follow the instructions carefully.  This will assure that you get good points on your pinwheel.




Cast on 9 sts in color A.

1:  knit

2:  sl1, k7, turn.

3:  k to last st, M1L, k1.

4:  sl1, k6, turn.

5:  as row 3.

6:  sl1, k5, turn.

7:  as row 3.

8:  sl1, k4, turn.

9:  as row 3.

10:  sl1, k3, turn.

11:  as row 3.  (14 sts total).

12:  sl1 p-wise, move working yarn to back and slip stitch back onto left-hand needle.  (All stitches are back on your left needle and your working yarn is in the back of your work and ready to knit).  k2tog-tbl, cast off 4 sts, k to end.  (9 sts total).

NOTE:  You will now have one point of the pinwheel worked.

13:  Switching to color B, knit.

Repeat rows 2-13 eight more times and rows 2-12 once more alternating colors each time (10 points worked).

Cast off in knit.

To finish, weave in your ends.  Be careful not to weave in all your ends in the same area as to not make your coaster too bulky.  With your final end, thread through the inner stitches to close and then seam the cast on/cast off edge closed.

Steam block to make the coasters lay flat.


Pinwheel Coasters Knitting Pattern Main Image


I hope you enjoy this quick little pattern.  Once you get the hang of it you will be able to whip out these coasters very quickly!

With Love, Kaitlin

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    1. Good to know! I actually thought about making a video tutorial for this so maybe now I’ll have to 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  1. i like these. can you do it in Loom knit ? i don’t knit with needles , but have started to do loom. thanks

    1. You might be able to! I haven’t loom knit in a long time so I’m not certain how you would handle the increases but other than that I don’t see why you couldn’t!

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