Minimalist Ribbed Pullover







Hand dyed and hand painted yarn has been growing in popularity and since I have began to dye my own yarns I wanted to design a minimalist pattern that showed off the beauty of the colors!

This pattern is made so simply and quickly and shows the stitches and color variations beautifully.  I designed it to have a wonderful drape and have the potential to hang ever so slightly off your shoulders to have the perfect effortless feeling.

This is a great pattern for beginner and experienced knitters alike.  To begin, you will need to find the perfect yarn.  I will post my first Etsy listing later this afternoon with this yarn, Kaleidoscope Blues, hand dyed by me!  It is an extremely soft sport weight yarn perfect for knitting garments.  Any other sport weight yarn you want to use would also look beautiful.  I would choose a wool because the pattern really comes together at the end when you block the ribbed stitch open.

Because this pattern is made to be a loose fit boyfriend-style sweater, I have written this pattern as though it is OS.  You can easily add length to the arms, width during cast on, or a further waist drop without changing the pattern.  Because it is soaked and then blocked, you can easily shape this pullover to your desired size.

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I hope you enjoy this pattern, let me know if you have any questions!

With love, Kaitlin

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  1. I have Madeline Tosh Pashmina Sport weight – yes it is so beautiful and soft. I would like to make this sweater, but I think that size 10 is too large a needle. Would this work on an 8? Every other pattern I’ve seen shows a 3 – 5 max for sport weight. I only have 1440 yards and I want this garment to be special. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hello! Your best bet would be to swatch it on both sizes and test the gauge before you start. I used size 10 needles to get a nice drape and a more airy knit. I also blocked it quite stretched. 1440 yards should be enough for this sweater depending on sizing, what size do you normally wear?

      1. I normally wear a size 10 but I also would like this to be drapey, but not “see through”. According to my calculations from what you wrote I should have plenty of yardage. Another question regarding the gauge – you said 19 stitches, but you don’t give a row count that should make it 4 inches, or doesn’t it matter? Please advise.
        Thanks for your help – and for your quick response!

        1. I normally don’t give a row count because I find that a matching stitch count tends to give the same amount of rows regardless and I think stitch count tends to be a more true measure of sizing.

          As for the needle size, 8 might be best if you are worried about it being see through. Sport weight yarn can knit so different depending on loftiness! The pattern won’t change with a few more stitches added to get the right measurement. It will only change if it is drastically different! You can find your gauge and stitch count accordingly and follow the decreases the same way.

          1. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me. Happy Valentine’s Day – I’ll start my swatches.

            Here’s to lots of great knitting!


          2. Oh definitely, I love helping out because I know how much time and love goes into a sweater 🙂 Happy Valentines day to you too! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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