Spruce Socks Knitting Pattern Main Image

Spruce Socks Knitting Pattern

Spruce Socks Knitting Pattern Main Image

Spruce Socks Detail 2


Hello Knitters!  I have a new pattern to share today that I am very proud of — Spruce Socks!

Similar to the tree motif on my Christmas Tree Sweater, this pattern will lead you to make a pair of festive socks during the holidays or a unique detailed sock all throughout the colder months.

Available in 4 unisex sizes, these socks are perfect for everyone!  Make for yourself or as a gift, these tiny spruce trees are sure to bring happiness to both the maker and the wearer.


Spruce Socks Heel Detail

Spruce Socks Knitting Pattern shown on feet


For this design, I partnered with Jake from Kenyarn and used his beautiful Sitka Spruce semi-solid on his Kenyarn Fingering base.

To make sure everyone can make these socks, I’ve written this pattern for both magic-loop and double pointed needles.  These socks are knit using size US 1 knitting needles.


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Spruce Socks Knitting Pattern Detail Image


I hope that you enjoy this pattern.  For more holiday knitting ideas check out my my post ’12 Christmas Patterns You Need to Try!’

Happy Knitting!

With Love, Kaitlin


Spruce Socks Knitting Pattern Main Image

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  1. I purchased this pattern on Pinterest but now can’t find it to print it. I’d thought it would be saved in my Ravelry library but it isn’t. Can you help me?

  2. I just purchased you patter. I read quickly thru the pattern. Are there right and Left instructions?

    1. Hi! Yes there are right and left directions for certain parts, the instructions more so explain how to arrange your needles for a right and a left foot so that the tree detail will be on the outer ankle 🙂

  3. just purchased this pattern and am confused on the sizes. As I interpret it, I would knit the same size sock for a woman who wears a size 3 shoe as I would for a man who wears as size 8, i.e., Size S. Is this correct?

    In actuality I need to knit two pairs right now. Both are for women. One woman wears a size 10 shoe and the other wears a size 9 shoe. For a woman who wears a size 9 shoe would I want to knit a Medium or a Large? And for a woman who wears a size 10 shoe I assume I should knit a size Large and all this assumes that I get gauge.

    1. Hi Jane! Yes, mens sizes run quite a bit different than womens sizing so you have it correct. This is based off of the foot circumference and the standards from Craft Yarn Council. Hope that helps 🙂

  4. Hi, Is this pattern also for beginners? I would realy want to make these but I’ve never been in contact with a pattern.

    1. Hi! The trees are definitely the hardest part, they are made using a cable technique. If you are up for a challenge, I say go for it! Row by row anything is manageable. But if you are looking for a more beginning sock pattern to make first you might check out my Solstice Socks

  5. When slipping sits, it’s assumed to slip purlwise with working yarn back. Did that. So when slipping 3 sets (tree pattern Round 5), same? Slip 3 stitches with working yarn back?
    Because I’m wondering if this is suppose to the start/show of the tree branch. And if so, the “branch” will not show at the front since it is the, yarn back. Right? Sorry if confusing and thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Ruth! Yes, slip the three stitches with the working yarn at the back! Then you will see the branches just as clearly as the trunk of the tree 🙂

  6. Hi Kaitlin!
    I would love to do these socks, but I’m a knitting noob and I am having a hard time finding thin enough yarn. Can I size up yarn and needles or should I stick to the size one needles?

    1. Hi Sierra! I would definitely stick to size 1 needles with fingering weight sock yarn. This not only assures that the socks will fit properly but also creates a sock that is durable and will hold up to wear! Thicker weight yarn will have less twist and probably pill or wear through when used as socks. Some great places to find affordable fingering weight yarn are KnitPicks, LoveCrafts, any Etsy! I would definitely just be sure to choose a yarn that says ‘sock’. Hope that helps!

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