Brioche Ribbed Hat Knitting Pattern

Introducing: the Brioche Ribbed Hat – an easy, two color, ribbed beanie

This ribbed brioche stitch beanie knitting pattern is designed to be the perfect, go-to, winter hat. The two color ribbing and stylish crown decreases will have all your family and friends asking for one of their own!

This photo shows the brioche ribbed hat being worn on a woman outside in the winter.  The hat is red and white with vertical stripes and a foldover cuff.  The hat is slightly relaxed at the top with stylish decreases that taper inward.

This beanie pattern is available below as a free pattern, and as a printable PDF on Ravelry and on Etsy.

A start to finish video tutorial for this ribbed hat can be found on my YouTube channel.

Scroll down to access the free knitting pattern or continue reading to learn a bit more about the design and find some pointers to help you knit the perfect brioche beanie!

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The Perfect, Slouched Beanie Design

While this hat design looks quite straightforward, it took 4 iterations to get it just right! The first one was a total flop with the stitch count totally off. The second was ok but didn’t have the fit I was looking for. The third was knit in Cria and used too much yarn, I had to use the tail from my cast on edge to bind off! It also didn’t have much elasticity and bounce back to it’s un-stretched state!

Finally, I realized this hat needed to be made in wool — and more specifically, Pura. So I worked the third version once more (this time in my superfine merino yarn) and ended up with my absolute favorite knit hat — ever!

Side detail view of this ribbed hat, you can easily see the decreases and how the colors of the ribbing are reversed on the foldover brim.  Hat is being worn by a woman who is looking downward and to the side so you can see her profile.

Two Color Brioche Stitch

I know that brioche stitch, and especially two color brioche stitch, seems intimidating. I promise you, it’s not as hard as it seems.

Working brioche stitch in the round is actually MUCH easier than working brioche flat. You only have 2 rounds in the repeat to worry about, vs 4 rows if you are working flat. Secondly, working in two colors is easier because you can quickly see which round you are on.

Since this technique seems tough, I made a full start to finish video tutorial on how to knit this hat!

Yarn and Materials

The yarn that I chose for this beanie is Pura from my own yarn line, Originally Lovely Yarn.

Detail image of Originally Lovely Pura Yarn. This image shows the red Garnet color of the Pura yarn which is the color used to create this hat.
Originally Lovely Yarn


Pura is a lovely DK weight yarn made out of superfine merino wool. This is a non-superwash yarn that beautifully showcases the luxurious properties of merino wool!

One of the reasons Pura works so well for this hat is that it’s a non-superwash wool. This allows the yarn to knit into a fabric with plenty of elasticity and bounce. Since brioche is a very stretchy stitch, Pura creates a hat that keeps its shape and stretch!

As I mentioned above, I also used Originally Lovely Cria to knit a sample of this hat. While Cria made a lovely hat, its wasn’t quite as elastic and was much more relaxed because of the baby alpaca fibers.

Brioche ribbed beanie shown in a light red and dark red yarn.  This hat is knit using Cria yarn and although it looks nice, its not quite as good as the red and white version knit in Pura.

If you are interested in using Pura for this hat, you will need two balls — one of each color. You can also use two balls of the same color for a solid colored hat.

Please note: Always remember to gauge swatch especially when substituting yarn in a pattern! Small changes in gauge can lead to large changes in the finished garment so assure a proper fit with the proper gauge!

Brioche Rib Hat Knitting Pattern


This pattern and photographs of this garment are property of Kaitlin Barthold of Originally Lovely. This pattern, photos, and design are subject to copyright and are for personal use only. All commercial use is strictly prohibited. You may not reproduce or distribute this pattern under any circumstances.

The free version of this pattern must be viewed from the webpage.

Woman is smiling and looking away while wearing the ribbed brioche beanie that this pattern is making. Hat is red and white and she is wearing a pink jacket.

Check out the Brioche Rib Hat video tutorial.

To download an ad-free, printable PDF on Ravelry, CLICK HERE

To purchase an ad-free, printable PDF on Etsy, CLICK HERE

Woman smiling directly at the camera with her arm up behind her head.  She is wearing the ribbed hat and you can see how it hugs her head nicely.

Skill Level


For this pattern, you will use the following skills:  two color brioche stitch in the round, tubular cast on, brioche decreases, and a three needle bind off.


Back detail image of this brioche beanie that shows the decreases nicely and how the foldover is the reverse of the colors shown over the main portion of the hat.


15 stitches and 22 rows = 4” in brioche stitch on size 6 needles. 

Please note:  Brioche stitch creates a very stretchy fabric.  Because of this, gauge can be a bit tricky to measure.  When blocking your swatch, it will be best to leave it laying flat without overly stretching or using pins.  This way, you will be able to measure your gauge in a more natural, relaxed state.


This hat is worked from the bottom, up.  First, you will work a tubular cast on edge using the larger size needles.  Next, you will begin working two color brioche stitch in the round.  You will then decrease to shape the crown of the hat.  Finally, you will join the ribbing at the top using a three needle bind off worked on the inside of the hat.  

Please note: because of the three needle bind off at the crown, this hat is not reversible. Choose one color for a main color and one color for an accent color. Accent color will be more prominently dPlease note:  Because of the three needle bind off at the crown, this hat is not reversible.  Choose one color as a main color and one color as an accent color.  Accent color will be shown more prominently on the cuff (shown in Garnet) and Main Color will be shown more prominently at the head and crown (shown in Natural). 

Video Tutorial

Choosing Yarn

Because brioche stitch creates a stretchy fabric, it is best to choose a non-superwash, wool yarn.  The yarn that I chose for this hat is Originally Lovely Pura, a superfine merino wool.  A non-superwash wool such as this allows the hat to maintain its shape and elasticity, without becoming overly stretched.  

Please note: Yarn weight and yardage requirements are estimates.  Using yarn of different fiber composition, ply, gauge, and any modifications will lead to differences in yarn usage. 

Finished Dimensions

Youth, (Adult Small, Adult Large)

YouthAdult SmallAdult Large
Height (brim unfolded):  11” / 28 cm12” / 30.5 cm12.5” / 32 cm
Circumference:  15” / 38 cm17” / 43.25 cm19” / 48.25 cm
To fit head size:  18-19” / 45.5-49 cm20-21” / 51-53.5 cm22-23” / 56-58.5 cm

Pattern is written for smallest size with changes for larger sizes in parenthesis. When only one number is given, it applies to all sizes. To keep track of your size, you may highlight or circle all numbers for your chosen size before you begin.

Help Choosing Size

Brioche stitch creates a very lofty and stretchy fabric.  Because of this, you will want to choose a hat size that is 3-4” smaller than your head circumference.  Hat is photographed in Adult Large and worn on a 22” head.

Woman looking down wearing the ribbed beanie outside in the winter.  You can see how the purl ribs of brioche stitch have a unique texture to them.


This pattern is written using US english terminology following Craft Yarn Council standards.

AC = accent color

Beg = beginning

BO = bind off

BRK = brioche knit.  Knit the next stitch together with its paired YO from the previous row.

BRK3TOG = brioche knit 3 stitches together (right leaning 2 stitch decrease).  Slip the next stitch and its paired stitch knit-wise, knit the next stitch, pass the slipped stitch and its paired stitch over stitch just worked, slip this stitch back to the left hand needle, pass the next stitch and its paired stitch over this stitch, slip this stitch back to the right needle to complete decrease.  

BRKSSK = brioche slip slip knit (left leaning 1 stitch decrease).  Slip the next stitch and its paired stitch knit-wise, knit the next stitch, pass the slipped stitch over the stitch just knit to complete decrease.  

BRKSSSK = brioche slip slip slip knit (left leaning 2 stitch decrease).  Slip the next stitch and its paired stitch knit-wise, knit the next 2 stitches together including the paired stitch, pass the slipped stitch over this stitch to complete decrease.  

BRP = brioche purl.  Purl the next stitch together with its paired YO from the previous row. 

CO = cast on

DPN = double pointed needles

K = knit

MC = main color

ML = magic loop technique

P = purl

Rd = round

Rep = repeat

sl1YO (BRK  row) = slip one, yarn over.  Bring the working yarn to the front of the work, slip the next stitch purl-wise, then bring the yarn to the back and work the next BRK stitch.  You will now have one ‘paired’ YO on top of the stitch you slipped. 

sl1YO (BRP row) = slip one, yarn over.  Bring the working yarn to the front of the work, slip the next stitch purl-wise, then bring the yarn over the right needle and back to the front of your work, work the next BRP stitch.  You will now have one ‘paired’ YO on top of the stitch you slipped.  

St = stitch

Stst = stockinette stitch

YO = yarn over

[ ] = repeat the instructions inside the brackets as directed.  

 * = repeat the instructions following the single asterisk as directed

This photo showcases a pink and blue version of the ribbed beanie.  Hat is laying flat on a marble table.  This sample is knit in Originally Lovely Cria yarn in the colors Prom and Blueberry.
This version of the Brioche Ribbed Hat is knit in Originally Lovely Cria yarn in the colors Prom and Blueberry.


Ribbed Beanie Knitting Pattern Instructions

With size 8 needles and using AC; cast on 56, (64, 72) sts using long tail tubular cast on method.  Work all three steps of your long tail tubular cast on method using only AC.  

Slide work to the opposite end of the circular needle.  

On the next row, switch to size 6 circular needles and knit using MC.

Set up row 1: in MC; [k1, sl1yo] across.  

You will now begin knitting with AC to join in the round.  PM to denote beg/end of each round.

Set up round 2:  in AC; [sl1yo, brp] around.  

Round 3:  in MC; [brk, sl1yo] around.

Round 4:  in AC; [sl1yo, brp] around.  

Repeat rounds 3-4 until hat measures 9.5, (10, 10)” from cast on edge.  

Woman smiling while wearing the red and white brioche ribbed hat.

Crown Decreases:

Begin working the crown decreases, switching to DPN or ML for small circumference knitting when needed.

5:  in MC; [brk, sl1yo] 5 (6, 7) times, brk3tog, PM, sl1yo, brk, sl1yo, PM, brksssk, sl1yo, [brk, sl1yo] 9 (11, 13) times, brk3tog, PM, sl1yo, brk, sl1yo, PM, brksssk, sl1yo, [brk, sl1yo] to end of rd.  [48, (56, 64) sts].

6:  in AC; [sl1yo, brp] around.  

7-8:  as rounds 3-4.  

9:  in MC; * [brk, sl1yo] to 3 before M, brk3tog, SM, sl1yo, brk, sl1yo, SM, brksssk, sl1yo.  Rep from * once more, [brk, sl1yo] to end of rd.  [40, (48, 56) sts].

10-12:  as rounds 6-8.  

Repeat rounds 9-12  3 (4, 5) more times.  [16 sts]. 

On the next round, two of your decreases will be single decreases (brkssk) to set up for the final 3 needle bind off.

13:  in MC; * brk3tog, remove M, sl1yo, brk, sl1yo, remove M, brkssk.  Rep from * once more.  [10 sts].

Adjust needles so that the first  5 sts are on one needle and the second 5 sts are on the second needle.

Thread needles through the hole at the top of hat and turn hat inside out (this is easier with a circular needle).  

In MC; work a 3 needle bind off loosely to close top of hat. 


Weave in ends.  Block by soaking in lukewarm water and either lay flat or place around a balloon to dry.  If using a balloon to block hat, be sure the balloon is at least 2” smaller than your finished hat circumference so as not to over stretch.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this pattern and love your new brioche knit beanie!

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  1. Thank you for this pattern. It is my first brioche so some learning happening. My confusion is with the decreases. When you get to the second and following decreases are you beginning them 3 stitches before the right leaning one? and always keeping those 3 betw the right and lean dec?

    1. Each decrease decreases two stitches, so you’ll begin two away from the stitch you want to decrease. And yes, you will maintain the three stitches between the markers, these give the decreases the mirrored design. If this doesn’t make sense and you need to ‘see’ it more, check out the video tutorial if you need additional help:

      Brioche Rib Hat KNITTING Pattern & Tutorial | step-by-step easy ribbed two color foldover beanie

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